Music Supervision
We offer budget Music Supervison services where we work with the director/producer on a one on one basis and plan out the spotting for a project and search/locate the optimal music needed for your project. We work with your budget and find a solution that will work for everyone involved whether that involves using internal music from the Soundscape Media library or clearing well known commercial songs with Record Companies and Publishers or finding specialty hard to find external music we guarantee your satisfaction. If the project requires music outside of the Soundscape Media library then we will locate this music, negotiate a price that works with your budget, clear the syncronization and master usage rights with any external publishing or record companies, all according to your specified budget, usage needs and deadline and handle all the licensing paperwork. This service includes taking care of all the legal and administrative duties as well as preparation of the broadcast cue sheets and filing them with the with the appropriate Performing Rights Organiztions as required. Contact us for details.