Music Licensing
Soundscape Media is a boutique indie music licensing company specializing in quality indie artists & affordable sync licenses, carefully curated for license in film, video and advertising. We are music pros with a passion for music by real bands & artists rather than generic stock music. Let us do the searching for you to find the perfect music for your project.
Our Services
We offer a wide range of licensing and in house, high end production services:
Use our music search interface to quickly find and license music.
Have our qualified music licensing consultants help search and deliver a variety of music in the style(s) you are looking for at no extra charge.
High quality, original and authentic custom made music created on demand by our talented team of composers and producers, and specifically tailored for your project with your satisfaction guaranteed.
Have one of our experienced Music Supervisors oversee, search and locate appropriate music internally and externally for your project and deal with all publishing legalities.
Let Us do the Searching for You
We get it... You're busy and don't always have the time to search for music yourself, Don't worry! We can take care of the music searching for you. We know our catalog inside out and we like to think that we have a pretty good sense of style in a cutting edge kind of way. So save your time and focus on the rest of your production and we'll make sure you have the right music that'll give your project that stylistic edge you've been looking for. Visit our Music Request page and answer a few questions about what kinds of music you're looking for. We'll do the rest. We'll filter out a short list of relevant tracks for you and make it available for you to quickly and easily preview online with only a few clicks of your mouse.
Flexible Licensing
Needledrop License
A Needledrop License is a pay per use license that allows the licensing party to use a piece of music one time. A needledrop license is needed each time the song or part of song is played, even if it is the same song/song snippet used within the same project.
Blanket License
A Blanket licence with Soundscape Media is an unlimited usage license to use as many songs from our catalogue as you wish for use in a single project.
Better Value
Subscription License
A Subscription License is an unlimited usage license similar to the Blanket License. The main difference is that the licensing party can use an unlimited amount of our tracks in multiple projects that are created during the auto-renewing subscription period.
Best Value