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Soundscape Enterprise

Soundscape Enterprise is a one-stop resource for larger organizations
in need of authentic, commercially licensable music for
film and TV broadcast productions, music supervision and curation services,
SaaS platform integration, educational institutions and custom business solutions.

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Leave the “stock”
where it belongs

You don’t hear stock music in Superbowl ads, nor do you hear it in our partners at HBO TV, so why should your business settle?

Keep targeting and
messaging on point

With a robust catalog of 17,000 tracks, and new additions bi-monthly, we’re confident we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Your own personal
music supervisor

Have a big project with challenging requirements? Our music supervisors will create custom-made playlists designed to the specs of your team’s requirements.

Our services include:

Annual, unlimited music licensing subscription. Whether you need 10 or 10,000 songs, there’s never a limit, never additional fees, and all content created under a subscription is yours, forever.

Easy-to-use, all-in-one music licensing solution, with content usage that fits every model. We accommodate Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, corporate advertising, TV, film, and much more.

Soundscape Integrations

The Soundscape API allows for building custom solutions, integrations and applications for your platform.

Integrate licensed music into platforms or mobile applications. Dynamic music search tools allows users to explore via attributes including genre, mood, tempo, instrument duration and more.

Total Songs on the platform

and counting...

Our Proven Outcomes ensures continuity and permanence. Anyone working in and with media is susceptible to the on-going risks of a constantly shifting digital landscape. More often than not, content produced without legal clearance results in highly inconvenient (and costly) removal, usually accompanied by legal action from the rights holder, voiding content and forcing start-overs.

Any content produced under the Soundscape license is owned by the creator. Forever.

Our service is unlimited and inclusive, no matter how many media samples you create in any year.

We Can Help.