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Use these 7 tips to gain 1000 YouTube Subscribers fast and improve your channel.

Are you looking to build a successful YouTube channel but haven’t had luck garnering a big following? Are you unhappy with your video’s view count? This article will show you how to gain 1000 YouTube subscribers quickly and take your YouTube channel to the next level.

Whether you are completely new to the site, or a seasoned videographer and filmmaker, it can be quite challenging to break through and gain subscribers on YouTube. As of February 2020, over 500 hours of video are uploaded from around the globe to YouTube every single day.

Let me run that stat back again. 500 hours. Every. Single. Minute. That’s nearly equivalent to 21 days of footage. Every. Minute. That is a lot of content!

Your goal, as a YouTuber (outside of creating fulfilling, unique, and fun projects) is to make your content stand out above all those other videos being uploaded. 

Now don’t fret! It sounds much more scary and unattainable than you realize. You absolutely are capable of finding sustained growth and success on YouTube. Follow these tips, and with a little luck, you may find yourself as YouTube’s next biggest channel.

You can apply these tricks and start gaining YouTube subscribers RIGHT NOW!

Regardless of experience level or what equipment you own, these 7 great tips are surefire ways to elevate your (or your business’s) content and boost your viewership and subscriber count.

Camera, microphone, and light
Having solid recording equipment will surely enhance your video quality, but it won’t guarantee you’ll get more subscribers.

Disclaimer: We will not be focusing on recording apparatuses in this post. Click here if you’re looking for the best beginner YouTube cameras. We also found the best YouTube and podcast microphones here.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

How To Gain 1000 YouTube Subscribers Quickly

Tip #1: Release YouTube Content Consistently

“Humans are creatures of habit” is a popular saying for good reason. We find patterns attractive and pleasing, and build our daily lives off of them.

Most people thrive when they follow a routine schedule and pattern of living – regular work schedule, regular social life, regular sleep cycle. We like that predictability, especially when it comes to entertainment.

Think about it this way – if you see a commercial for a new, interesting TV show, and they said the program “airs whenever they can, some time next week,” would you be inclined to watch? Maybe, but catching it live would be one hell of a guessing game.

Consistency is key in not only establishing a regular following, but also keeping those viewers coming back. The best way to ensure consistency is to include when you post in your videos, social media, and in your video and channel descriptions.

Nowadays, many YouTubers use automatic posting applications to upload videos at a certain time, and schedule upload times for future videos. Try using these programs to simultaneously increase your productivity and relieve unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Sometimes your upload schedule may change, and that is okay. We all go through periods of feeling burnt out or needing a break. Be transparent and vocalize this to your followers – they will understand and respect your honesty. It may also build some nice anticipation and a warm welcome when you return.

When you are ready to come back, upload on a schedule where you can produce consistent content for your viewers and make time for yourself.

Tip #2: Use Fitting Background Music

If you regularly watch YouTubers, you know most popular and higher-quality videos include background music. People inherently love music, and it adds an extra layer to the viewer’s experience.

That being said, you shouldn’t just pick any random tune for your video. You want to use the right music that fits with your video.

Background music is effective when it makes sense in the larger context of your work. For example, if you were to film your wonderful time at Disney World, and you picked a melancholic, sad orchestral passage to play with the footage, it would confuse viewers. 

Disney is a happy place, so it wouldn’t make sense to put sad music there. Using conflicting background music (unless it’s intentional) may confuse the audience and lower the perceived quality of your video.

Adding music to video project
Choosing the best background music will really enhance your videos. You can always edit tracks to the duration your project needs.

Nowadays, many people are sick and tired of hearing the same handful of cheap, uninspired music bed tracks. To really enhance your video, try using premium backing tracks from quality musicians. hosts a music library with over 20,000 songs to choose from. Whether you need an up-tempo pop tune, a hip hop instrumental, a slow orchestral number, or anything in between, we have you covered. Check out our deals for content creators and small businesses here.

Tip #3: Use Custom Thumbnails

Visuals are everything, especially as it pertains to video. But what will draw viewers to actually click on your video?

We live in a world where every street corner and every TV channel contains eye-grabbing, in-your-face signs and ads aimed to draw your undivided attention and hopefully your business. The same applies to YouTube, where content creators craft dynamic thumbnails to catch browsers’ attention.

To encourage potential viewers to watch, you have to lure them in & stir up their interest to click on your video. The best way to pull their focus is to create and use bold, stimulating thumbnails. 

Many applications and websites like Adobe Spark or Canva are great tools to use. Get creative with building your thumbnails. Experiment, have fun! You’ll never know what sticks until you try.

Tip #4: Create a visual brand identity

One thing all successful brands have in common? They all have their own cohesive design and identity. When someone sees golden arches over a red background, there’s no question they associate that image with McDonald’s. Or when they see a blue soda can with a red, white, and blue orb in the middle, they immediately recognize that as Pepsi.

Those corporations’ marketing teams created a unique visual presentation consumers would instantly identify and remember. Why not apply that same idea to your YouTube channel? If it works for them, it will work for you.

Take a look at theneedledrop’s channel. He has a bright banner at the top of his channel page, with this website and social media links attached, customized thumbnails for every video, and his personal logo as the channel photo. All these graphics tie into each other seamlessly and do not clash against each other. 

This will make your channel appear more professional and attract onlookers with your aesthetically appealing visuals.

Tip #5: Link Social Media to your YouTube Channel

Opening Instagram
Linking social media to YouTube is a great way to get more viewers and subscribers. You can easily do so on your mobile devices, and consistent posting will help viewers engage and buy your product!

As previously mentioned, you can link your social media to your channel, and let me tell you – you absolutely should.

Create a web between your YouTube and social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. This will allow your YouTube subscribers to follow you on multiple sites. They may want to learn more about you and see more from you, and some may begin to feel they actually know you. 

By doing this, you are allowing your viewers to connect with you on a deeper level. You are planting the seeds from which a community will grow.

By posting announcements and teasers of YouTube content regularly on your social platforms, your followers from those sites will begin to watch and subscribe to your channel. Fostering this symbiotic relationship between social media and YouTube can be crucial to growing your channel.

While you’re at it, make sure to link your website to both your YouTube and other social media. Adding links to your website will lead engaged followers to look through your portfolio, or check out your merch or business.

Be sure to include these links in the About section of your YouTube channel, too, so everyone can easily find where to contact you.

Tip #6: Interact With Your Viewers

Imagine you give a TED Talk, perhaps on something you’re very passionate about, or a subject near and dear to you, and the crowd absolutely loves it. Soon after, many of them come up to thank you and talk further. Would you just walk away and not acknowledge them?

Of course not! You’d want to stay and chat. To connect with those impacted by your story, and listen to their stories and experiences. Now imagine some of those same people commented on your latest video. Would you ignore them?

Friends laughing and bonding
Respond to your commenters how you would respond to them if they were right in front of you – as if they are your friends. You’ll build a deeper connection and build a regular following this way.

Behind every commenter is a person. Someone who resonated with your video. Someone who was moved enough by your video and service to leave a comment. Respond to as many commenters as you can – it shows them you care about them and value their business and feedback.

Treat every person with kindness and respect in your response (yes, even the trolls – should you even choose to acknowledge them). They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the time you took out of your day to respond to them. These viewers and customers will be more apt to stay a regular follower.

Be sure to do the same on your website and social media accounts. They are just as important as your YouTube channel in terms of cultivating your community.

Tip #7: Be True to Yourself

There’s nothing worse than those text-to-speech narrated videos.

Why? Because there is nothing original about them. They have no tone. No inflection. No personality whatsoever.

Without any personality or color, our world would be so boring. We each bring something fresh and singular to life, whether it’s our quirks, our sense of humor, our creativity, our unique ways of thinking, or our wisdom. We bring our individual, unduplicated perspective.

What sets you apart from others in your field? They are them, and you are YOU. It’s you! There is only one you, and the world is better for it.

So why try to copy others or be like someone else? They are already filling that role. And by trying to duplicate them instead of honoring your own character, you are robbing your viewers, your business, and ultimately yourself through not embracing your unique spark.

The best way to gain 1000+ YouTube subscribers quickly is to be yourself.

People want to see and feel your perspective and your personal imprint in a video, so let them have it! You will gain followers faster through being yourself, and you’ll feel more free and happy while doing it.

And there you have it, folks!

Now, be patient with yourself. These tips won’t make your channel go viral overnight, but they will get you on the right path to success. We hope these help you gain 1000 YouTube subscribers fast, and quickly see your YouTube ranking soar .

Try some of these tips out, and let us know which worked best for you in the comments below.

Have fun and happy posting!

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