Soundscape FAQ

What can I do with the music that I license from Soundscape?

Well that depends on which license best fits what you do. Here is a brief explanation of each:

  • The CONTENT CREATOR license is focused on giving unlimited usage to video creators and influencers publishing their own video content across their YouTube channel, website or social media outlets.
  • The PROFESSIONAL license allows for unlimited downloads within our catalog for use in any projects covering ALL MEDIA usage for your company and productions created by your company for your clients.
  • The ENTERPRISE license is geared towards large organizations and higher budget productions requiring tailored music licensing solutions as well as mutli-seat licenses.
How do the subscriptions work? How long is my license valid for?

All music used in your projects created and published while under subscription with Soundscape will retain their license to our music forever.

Even if you cancel your subscription, you will maintain your license in perpetuity for all music used in all videos published while the subscription was active. Once subscriptions are cancelled, you will not be able to publish new videos with previously downloaded music.

How do your Twitch and Streaming based services work?

Our Twitch, Mixer and YouTube streaming services are briefly outlined below:

  • The LIVE-STREAM is a free service where Twitch, Mixer and YouTube users can build custom playlists, favorites and playback our music via our site for your live streams. This tier does not allow downloads of our music for any synchronized video usage nor any monetization of VODs.
  • The PRO-STREAM is an unlimited plan for single channel Twitch/YouTube streamers who also produce videos and have a need to download music to use in their productions.
  • The ELITE-STREAM pairs Content Creators with the ultimate customizable experience. Designed for creators who own and operate multiple livestreaming/video/social channels, we offer unlimited downloads, custom song displays, custom URLs.
  • The ENTERPRISE license is geared towards large organizations and higher budget productions requiring tailored music licensing solutions.
Will I get a license document for songs downloaded?

For your protection, we generate a license for each batch of songs you download from our site. This license lists the name of the project/video and the songs being used in that project. This provides you with proof of license for each project linking the song titles used for each of your video titles. Please maintain this license for your records in case you need to prove you’ve legally obtained the rights to use specific songs for your specific projects.

I’m currently a subscriber, but my project needs have changed. Is it possible to switch pricing tiers mid-subscription?

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade/downgrade a tier. All you need to do is get in touch HERE and we’ll guide you through the process.

How often do you add songs:

We add new music every week; the amount varies week to week.

How do you guys go about finding bands and artists?

It’s pretty simple, we just reach out to bands and artists we like, and that we ourselves would want to see represented. We’re also always happy to check out new music for consideration through our submit music page.

Do you guys have alternative track versions and loops?

Our artists often include instrumental versions and other various versions of their music. Sometimes the writer will link these tracks together so you can access via the link icon to the right of some tracks. You can also usually search for a track title and the alternative versions (if available) will show in the search results.

How much do your music licenses cost?

Licenses vary depending on usage as well as other factors. You can view our rates by clicking HERE

How do I know if my projects fit the Enterprise tier?

“The Enterprise tier covers multi-seat licenses and commercial projects with a budget in excess of 1 million dollars”. If your organization has an interest in multi-seat licenses, please contact us and our enterprise department will discuss a solution for your organization.

How do your custom music services work?

Simple, you tell us about your project and what you're looking for, and we can put together a pitch with samples of music by a variety of our artists that we feel would work well for your project. We have over 1,200 composers and artists signed with us and we know their specialties and we will coordinate and overlook the entire music process until delivery with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Can I monetize my videos on YouTube with Soundscape music?

Absolutely! Your licenses are legit. As long as your video is published while under subscription with us you are covered and have our full support (even if you cancel your subscription). We’ve got your back!. We are YouTube friendly and you will be fully authorized to monetize on YouTube and will never get a copyright strike.

What if I get a YouTube Content ID Claim for my video?

Don’t panic, don’t worry, this happens from time to time, your video will not be removed and you will not get a copyright strike. Your license from us proves you have the legal rights to use our music in your video as long as you were under subscription when you published the video, you will have our support and can easily remove the claim by clicking the dispute button in YouTube.

Will my subscription license cover my client's projects with Soundscape music?

Yes, as long as you are using the Pro-Stream or the All Media tier, you are all set!

How do your custom music services work?

Yes, we love Twitch and have specialized pricing page for Twitch and Mixer streaming HERE.

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